New Orleans Earth Day Festival & Solar Derby

Celebrate Earth Day 2015 at Palmer Park on Saturday, April 18th, 11 am to 7:30 pm!


2015 Non-Profit Vendors!

Check out all of the wonderful non-profit vendors that will be at this year’s Earth Day Festival!

The open application period has ended. Still interested in finding out about getting involved? Email

Audubon Nature Institute’s Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries (G.U.L.F.)

“Securing a Vibrant Future for Gulf of Mexico Seafood”

G.U.L.F. is Audubon Nature Institute’s sustainable seafood program, focused on ensuring the long term health of our fisheries resources and the communities that rely on them.

Energy Wise Alliance

Energy Wise educates the people of Louisiana to be savvy energy consumers, and install retrofits in their homes.

The Green Project

Energy Wise educates the people of Louisiana to be savvy energy consumers, and install retrofits in their homes.

Green Light New Orleans

Green Light New Orleans invests energy in people by assisting New Orleans residents in person, one household at a time. Our volunteers install free energy efficient light bulbs and backyard vegetable gardens to demonstrate that a mass movement of individual actions creates a significant impact on our environment and community. We connect New Orleans residents to relevant, local opportunities and encourage individual actions so that everyone can benefit from a vibrant, resilient, and sustainable community.

Hollygrove Market and Farm

Hollygrove Market and Farm exists to increase access of fresh, local produce to residents of New Orleans. We accomplish this through our weekly produce market, on-site urban farm, and community garden space.


VerdiGras is an inclusive organization dedicated to preserving Louisiana culture with conservation of our resources, inspiring others and ourselves in creating and supporting a greener, cleaner Mardi Gras for all – with a spirit of creativity and fun, and reducing our dependence on foreign throws and throws in general.

The Soulful Journey

To empower the world by empowering individuals. The Soulful Journey offers life-coaching services to those committed to personal growth and transformation. Coaching is an incredible partnership that accelerates the process of growth and empowers you to create the most ideal version of yourself and your life. In an environment that is both safe and supportive, you are encouraged to listen your own unique inner wisdom allowing you to access powerful guidance and knowledge. We hold the focus on what is working for you, and expand upon the positive experiences in your life. You are supported in doing what best serves you and celebrated in being true to yourself at all times. This brings a greater awareness and clarity to your daily choices, beliefs, and activities in your life, and naturally eliminates that which you no longer serves you. What follows is a life of passion, purpose and inspiration! Which only helps build greater families, communities, and relationships.

Nola Green Roots

NOLA Green Roots is a membership based nonprofit whose mission is to build sustainable communities through gardens. NGR’s mission strongly supports the belief that community gardening systemically improves the quality of community life by providing a catalyst for employment, education, recreation, and exercise. Our gardens provide the nutrients for neighborhood and community development. We train and employ youth, eliminate food deserts, stimulate social interaction, reduce obesity, encourage self-reliance, decrease urban blight, produce nutritious food, control family food expenditures, and conserve resources.

New Orleans Habitat for Humanity

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Lower 9th Ward CSED

The Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement & Development (CSED) is a grassroots nonprofit founded in 2006 by community activists Pam Dashiell & Charles Allen. Our organization focuses on community advocacy, coastal rehabilitation & environmental education, greening the built environment & increasing food security by lifting up & strategically reinforcing community-driven goals to create an economically, culturally & environmentally sustainable Lower Ninth Ward.

Alliance for Affordable Energy

The Alliance advocates for fair, affordable, environmentally responsible energy policy. We believe in sustainable generation and use of energy and resources.

Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

Our mission is to provide safe drinking water to everyone in New Orleans; to remove wastewater for safe return to the environment; to drain away storm water; to provide water for fire protection; to provide information about products and services; and to do all of this continuously at a reasonable cost to the community.

Global Green USA

Global Green New Orleans provides education and resources for New Orleanians on saving energy and managing storm-water.

No Waste Nola

No Waste Nola is dedicated to making New Orleans a cleaner and more sustainable city through environmental advocacy. We are working to decrease waste in New Orleans by educating residents and lobbying the city government. We strive to eliminate the use of single-use plastic bags, implement a citywide system of composting, and improve the walkability of the city. We also aim to increase the use of sustainable alternatives by individuals and institutions within the city. Through these efforts, New Orleans will be more attractive for residents, visitors, and businesses.

New Orleans Food Cooperative

TOGETHER WE: Provide access to healthy food at a fair price; Are a center of community activity; Promote local and regional food production; Keep capital and jobs in our community; Practice environmental responsibility and sustainability; Reflect our unique and diverse community.

350 Louisiana

Raising awareness about and fighting climate change.

Birdfoot Festival

Through live chamber music, the Birdfoot Festival inspires community and creative energy between and among audiences and musicians from around the world in unique and intimate New Orleans settings.

Maji : Hope

To partner with rural villages in Africa to provide clean water

Citizen’s Climate Lobby

We’re creating the political will for a livable world by empowering individuals to experience breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power.

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