New Orleans Earth Day Festival & Solar Derby

Celebrate Earth Day 2015 at Palmer Park on Saturday, April 18th, 11 am to 7:30 pm!


2015 Food Vendors!

The open application period has ended. Still interested in finding out about getting involved? Email

Woody’s Fish Tacos

-Blackened Fish Tacos

-Gator Sausage Tacos

-Veggie Black Bean Tacos

Bratz Y’all

-The Drunk Pig (slow roasted pork roast marinated in dark beer)

-The Berliner (smoked pork currywurst sausage)

-The Bavarian Bart (classic grilled German sausage)

-NOLA Schnitzel (fried battered pork loin)

-Tipsy Cajun (beer battered andoille sausage on a stick)

-Homemade Lemon Mint Iced Tea and Strawberry Iced Black Tea

Crêpes à la Cart

-Bacon and Chedder Crepe

-Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella Crepe

-Banana Nutella Crepe

-Nutella Crepe

-Butter and Sugar Crepe

3 Potato 4

-Baked organic wedges with 4 sauces and vegan chili

-Natural sodas

Pretzels on Wheels

-Hot, fresh, hand-rolled pretzels

-Iced coffees and lattes

Beaucoup Juice and Grill

-All natural fresh juices and snoballs 
-Grilled chicken Gyros

Naturally Nawlins Vegan Cuisine LLC

-BBQ tofu

-Organic Louisiana kale greens

-Mac and almond cheese.

Big Wil & The Warden, LLC

-AsianCajun Veggie Egg Rolls & Salad
-Rib-Eye Steak Poboy & Fries
-Alligator Sausage Poboy & Fries
-Philly Steak Poboy & Fries
-Gyro (Veggie/Lamb/Beef/Gator) & Fries
-Chicken on-a Stick & Fries
-Cajunburger & Fries

Voleos Seafood Restaurant

-Smothered Rabbit Poboy
-Homemade Crawfish Rolls w/ Spicy Sweet & Sour Sauce
-Crabmeat Boudon Balls w/ Creole Mustard Sauce


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