New Orleans Earth Day Festival & Green Business Expo

Celebrate Earth Day 2014 at Louis Armstrong Park on Saturday, April 19th, 10 am to 7:30 pm!

Do Whatcha Wanna! Stage

Guardians of the Flame at Do Whatcha Wanna! Stage of New Orleans Earth Day 2013

Guardians of the Flame at New Orleans Earth Day Festival 2013. Photo by Kate Gilbert.

Visit the Do Whatcha Wanna! Stage for additional entertainment at the fest, featuring local performing artists, musicians, demonstrations, and community presentations in an intimate setting.

2014 Do Whatcha Wanna! Stage Schedule

10:50 am – Solar Alternatives

Solar Alternatives is a solar-only firm, focused entirely on making the technology affordable, effective, reliable and safe for both commercial and residential clients.

11:00 am – Jeaux-E-Streetz

Jeaux-E-Streetz (Joey Streetz) combines instrumentation with hip hop lyrics on various subjects as stopping violence, racism, inequality, and all around life. His music tells stories reminiscent of conscious hip hop artist of the past and present. Performing at multiple festivals in the southern region, this emerging artist is a must see!

11:25 am – Daniele Spadavecchia

Daniele Spadavecchia was born in Italy and has been performing for almost 30 years on guitar and voice. He was initiated to electric blues by Phil Guy (Buddy Guys brother) and he continued playing following such great influence until he traveled to Spain in 2000. There, he was completely mesmerized by the way gypsies played Flamenco and Manouche guitar and since then, he dedicated all his musical energies to learning, teaching and promoting all the styles that fall under touch passionate spell. He calls it the ‘Mediterranean way of playing guitar”, including Gypsy Jazz (Django Reinhardt), Italian, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Latin and Brazilian. Daniele is also a fun entertainer on stage, singing in Italian, English and Spanish. Web page:

12:00 pm – Global Green’s “Are you Energy Smarter than a 6th Grader?”

Come join us for a jeopardy-style game about energy! Answer questions about basic energy, energy sources and saving energy in order to win prizes. You can find hints to the answers in the Energy Corner. Win prizes, learn about saving energy and see if you are EnergySmarter than a 6th Grader!

12:20 pm – Cripple Creek Theatre Company

Andrew Vaught is the Artistic Director of the Cripple Creek Theatre Co and a sometime Huey P Long Medium.

1 pm – Whole Foods

Stephanie Jodeir and Brad Daschbach are the healthy eating educators respectively for the Whole Foods Market Veterans and Arabella Station stores. They are great resources to the community with cooking classes, healthy eating tours, health challenges and more! Stephanie and Brad can teach you how to prepare tasty meals packed with flavor and health benefits. You can connect with them for questions or to schedule a tour or class at or At the festival, watch Stephanie make Hempseed Apricot Chews!

1:40 pm – Ashley Beach

2:40 pm – Solar Alternatives

2:50 pm – Bike Easy

Join us to learn more about biking safely and confidently for health, recreation, and transportation, and learn how you can incorporate bicycle riding into your everyday life!

Through hands-on activities we’ll help build your confidence to integrate bicycling into your everyday tasks. Come answer your questions about bike fit; riding safely with traffic; the rules of the road; bicycle route planning, and how to fix a flat. And, we’re there to answer other questions that you have about your rights on the road and maintaining your bike!

3:25 pm – Bicycle Fairies of St. Andrew

A tale about fairies, friendship, and bicycles set in a small town called St. Andrew. An original story written and performed by Lucia Craig.

4:00pm – NOLA Aikido

NOLA Aikido will demonstrate the beauty, grace, and martial effectiveness of Aikido, a Martial Art of Peace for Every Body. We will show basic and more advanced practice, and then have time for some audience participation and Q and A.

4:45pm – Team Sno

Slam New Orleans is a spoken word grass root initiative who’s goal is to promote spoken word and slam poetry competitions to all ages, genders and races. Founded in 2010 by a group of local poets that believed that this medium of expression could save lives, and wanted New Orleans to be represented nationally, because they were not since hurricane Katrina in 2005. Each year Slam New Orleans organizes a team of adult poets, named Team S.N.O. (where S.N.O. stands for Slam New Orleans) to go to regional and national poetry competitions to represent the New Orleans poetry scene. Since it’s inception, Team S.N.O. has won three National Poetry Slam Titles. The 2010 Group Poem Championship and the 2012-2013 National Poetry Slam Team competition. 

5:20pm – Raymond “Moose” Jackson and The Ark Quarterly

5:45pm – Solar Alternatives

5:55pm – New Noise Performance Ensemble

NEW NOISE has been creating visually-intense, physically-demanding, original ensemble theater in New Orleans for the last five years. Our performances feature live music and immersive environments, and often take place in reinvented, non-traditional venues. In 2013, NEW NOISE embarked on a trilogy of work dealing with cultural lineage and cultural loss in the American South. Runnin’ Down the Mountain, the first piece, was featured in the New Orleans Fringe Festival, and toured up and down the East Coast. The excerpt we are sharing today is from Oxblood, the second in our trilogy. Oxblood is an original dance theater performance that follows a pair of sisters wrestling with what to do with their family’s land in Central Georgia. Oxblood asks what happens when we decide that we no longer depend upon the land—or each other—to survive. Oxblood will premiere in October 2014. For more info, visit

6:15pm – MJ NOLA

Daron Wilson (born December 19, 1992) raised in New Orleans,La well-known as best Michael Jackson impressionist in the state of Louisiana. He was born and raised in New Orleans, La. His power and energy of his performance sends off a great shock of memories of the king of pop himself Michael Jackson. He’s been performing in various spots of Louisiana i.e. schools and festivals, keeping the legacy of Michael Jackson alive and well-known. Daron’s main goal is to become a positive part of the youth’s lives.

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